Project Management of Puebla – Cholula tramway
“Award of Project Management services for the Puebla-Cholula touristic railway tourism development project.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the Government of Puebla has awarded AUDINGMEX, a subsidiary of META, the contract of “External Management of the Project for the continuation of the touristic railway development Museo del Ferrocarril – Cholula in Puebla, Puebla”.

Barcelona, October 2015

The Tourist Train Project, about 17.5 km long, is projected from the Railway Museum, in the city of Puebla, to the Archaeological Zone of Cholula, in San Pedro Cholula, where the largest pyramidal basement of the world. It is the first tramway system in Mexico.
The infrastructure is expected to offer six daily services with a capacity to transport about 300 people per train, per direction, at an average speed of 35 kilometers per hour. It will have two electric trains and five terminals.
The award includes the Management Services for the construction of the civil and electromechanical works of the train and the commissioning of the “Train -Tram” for the transport of passengers. The term of execution of the works is 18 months.
This award, together with the recent supervision contract for the Mexico-Toluca interurban train, places AudingMex as a leader in the Railway mode of transport in Mexico and contributes to consolidating our position in this country.

The signing of the Contract took place on Monday, September 28, 2015.